There are many components to camping and depending on what type of camping and what region you plan on camping, your supplies will vary.  

Several beginning questions:

  •       Are you camping at a pre-established camping facility (State Park, LCRA, etc.) - if so you will need to reserve a campsite and know most of these parks have online viewing of their facilities to check out hiking, biking, fishing, camping options, restroom and shower areas, etc.  You will also need to consider if you want a primitive site (with no water or electric), water and electric - if you are hauling a RV or camper, you will probably want to reserve a campsite with electric and water.
  •       Your food planning should reflect current weather conditions (burn bans), number of people in your group and what options you will have available to cook on/with.  You can make some superb meals using a dutch oven and fire, or grilling on a campfire, cooking with canned goods, trying out dehydrated camping foods, cooking in a slow cooker using electricity or a combination.  
  •       Make sure you pack enough water and fluids for your trip, especially if you plan on being active while camping as your body can get dehydrated very fast.
  •       Where are you going to sleep?  When you camp you can choose to sleep in a tent, some other protective shelter, out by the fire, in a hammock, in your vehicle, in a rented cabin or in a RV.  Make sure whichever option you choose that you have adequate blankets/sleeping bag, air mattress, pillows, fan, etc. to make your sleeping area comfortable.  You also want to make sure you are protected again mosquitos, scorpions, etc.
  •       Make sure you leave your area the way you found it.  Be sure to pick up any trash you have created during your stay, cigarette butts, pet poop, etc.  and make sure your fire is completely out before leaving a camping area.


I have put together a list of standard items to keep packed or pack for a weekend of tent camping:

  •       Paper plates, napkins, utensils, antibacterial soap and small sponge
  •       Can opener, large spoon and spatula
  •       Camping spice mix (salt, pepper, etc. sold in camping section of most stores) and small bottle of olive oil
  •       Folding handle pan or medium sized pan for cooking
  •       Scissors, knife and a cutting board
  •       Headlamp and several lights for table or flashlights, bug candles and bug spray
  •       Extended length lighter, fire starters and firewood if able to have a fire
  •       Mallet for tent stakes
  •       Toilet paper, extra plastic grocery bags and several trash bags
  •       Propane camping stove and propane bottles or electric range if you have electric at site
  •       Folding chair, tent and air mattress (with air inflator) with sleeping bag and pillow
  •       Personal wet wipes and sunscreen
  •       Towel to dry after shower, flip flops for shower, toiletries for shower, toothbrush and hairbrush
  •       Sensible shoes for the terrain - if you are hiking and/or biking make sure your feet are covered and are not exposed to snakes or poisonous plants. If you are swimming or wading in water I would advise water shoes to protect against glass, hooks and other debris in the water
  • A large enough ice chest to accommodate your food planning; check to see where the closest place is to your campground to purchase more ice if you run out - or bring 2 ice chests, one for food and one for drink

There are always opportunities to add your own flair to camping gadgets and accessories once you have the basics down.  One of my friends Amber has expanded her camping gear palette to include some really cute and stylish additions:

My favorite out of these colorful camping options is the watermelon tent! A must have for every "outdoorsy" girl on the go!

Here is an informative link I found on camping fashion and beauty tips:
I might also recommend a cordless travel curling iron if you are not used to roughing it completely in the elements:

and a travel make up kit to grab and go!
Camping is an adventure, but make it your adventure and have fun!
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