A Girl's Survival Guide to Camping, Short and Long Term Emergency Planning

This website is a compilation of camping tips, emergency planning, survivalist information, references to other similar informational websites, recipes, related articles and long-term self sufficiency planning. As an avid outdoor enthusiast and deemed an "over-planner" by my friends, I hope to share my knowledge and research with you. What you choose to do with the information is up to you!

As an independent and self-sufficient female, I think it's important to be able to learn some basic survival skills in between my manicure and pedicure appointments. People have become too dependent on technology and the government in the modern age, and self-sufficiency or at least the knowledge and know-how will be a key component in future survival whether it is making your home environment more green, preparing for the unknown or just experimenting with new ways to do things! 

With all the recent hoopla regarding 2012, I wanted to put together an informational site to assist in educating the masses on my knowledge of camping and my research in survival for short-term and long-term emergency situations.  If you have already thought through and planned for a situation, you are more likely to be mentally and resourcefully prepared.


Coming soon!

Please note this website is under construction and in it's infancy stages. A continual work in progress, please check back soon for more information posted!

To contact me about this site, share website resources and tips, etc. please email me at agirlssurvivalguide@hotmail.com. Thanks and have a great day! 

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